Tracks for Abstracts Submission


Track 1 - Ebola virus disease: where are we now and where do we go?

  • The WHO update and perspective
  • Ebola Virus Disease in west Africa : clinical manifestations and Management

Track 2 - Recent Scientific Advances: The mechanistic

  • Cellular and molecular targets
  • Strategy to elucidate the interactions between host response to Ebola virus infection at the molecular level, optical imaging techniques, biophotonic imaging
  • The use of "omic" technologies (next generation sequencing, DNA, and protein microarrays).

Track 3
- Ebola Detection and Diagnostics

  • Rapid diagnostic tests
  • Non invasive methods (saliva and Urine)

Track 4
- Vaccine Strategies: An Urgent Public Health

  • Vaccine development Phase I, II, and III
  • Manufacturing capability
  • Stability of vaccines during transport and storage
  • Deployment and compliance of vaccination regimens
  • Multivalent filovirus vaccine development

Track 5 -
 Drugs Development Strategies

Track 6
- Immunotherapy Strategies

Track 7
– Ebola and Ethical considerations

  • Clinical studies and ethic: where is the line?
  • Targeting  the context of the local health-systems

Track 8
 – Influenza H5n8 / H5N9

Track 9
 – Mers Virus

Track 10
 – Malaria

Track 11
 – Other Infectious Diseases