Targeting Ebola International Conference 2015 is dedicated to the memory of Dr Hideyo Noguchi and Dr Jean Laigret

Noguchi LaigretThe Scientific Committee of Targeting Ebola 2015 decided to dedicate this international congress to Dr Noguchi & Dr Laigret, both researchers on yellow fever.







mahaffey 1Dr. Hideyo Noguchi was born in Fukushima prefecture, Japan in 1876. In spite of his left hand’s disability, he dreamed to be a doctor. 

He worked hard with passion. People called him “human dynamo”, while receiving great supports from people around him and became a medical doctor at the age of only twenty. Later, he went around the world and fought infectious diseases as a bacteriologist. Dr Hideyo Noguchi died from yellow fever in Accra (Ghana) in 1928.

The article of the life time of Dr. Hideyo Noguchi, life history and images are provided by courtesy of The Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Association. 



Dr Jean Laigret (1893-1966) is a French medical doctor and biologist who worked at the Institut Pasteur of Dakar and later at the Institut Pasteur of Tunis.

Dr Laigret isolated in 1928 a strain of the yellow fever virus from a Senegalese patient (with A.W. Sellars) and attenuated the virus by successive intra-cerebral passages in mice. Dr Laigret used this strain to develop the “French neurotropic vaccine,” which was used with success in Occidental Africa. 

Dr Jean Laigret, Instituts Pasteur of Dakar and Tunis
Photo credit: Photothèque de l’Institut Pasteur


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